Enerfy nominated for iMobility technology prize

Enerfy nominated for iMobility technology prize – in recognistion of companies which play a key role in development and deployment of ITS!


Stockholm, 19 August 2013: Enerfy, the app developed by Greater Than to make EcoDriving measureable, comparable and fun, has been nominated for the Industry/Technology award at the 2013 iMobility Awards in recognition of the role it increasingly plays in the deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Europe.

The nomination follows an EcoDriving challenge in Istanbul organised by FiA during which several World Champion racing drivers, including 9-time World Rally Champion Sebastian Loeb, competed to find the most energy smart driver. The statistics were tracked and analysed by Enerfy, an app which measures driver fuel efficiency independent of traffic conditions, vehicle type or other external factors. The contest was won by GT world champion drivers Marc Basseng and Marcus Winkelhock who drove 33% more fuel efficiently than average. The champions demonstrated how any driver can adopt an EcoDriving style and see the results delivered immediately.

Following the contest, Jacob Bangsgaard, Director General of FIA said “Enerfy was a great solution for the job, measuring EcoDriving when all kinds of cars were used and driven in a live traffic environment.”


Enerfy enables a significant reduction in fuel consumption by 20-25%, while at the same time reducing CO2 emissions, producing substantial cost savings and improved traffic safety. It provides comparable results via an app, based on a cloud solution – and recommendations on how to improve performance – allowing for EcoDriving competitions between drivers at all levels, independently of car type driven.

Sten Forseke, founder of Greater Than, said “I’m so proud to be part of the Enerfy success story. I’m over the moon to be nominated by FiA for this prestigious award and iMobility is one of the most influential movements in encouraging the development of new intelligent transport systems to help reduce CO2 emissions. We’re very honoured to be part of this very important group.”

The nomination adds to a great year of recognition for Greater Than, which was earlier this year nominated by Transport & Logistics for the ‘2013 Transport Solution’ award.

iMobility is an initiative of FiA and the EU and is part of the EU’s overall strategy to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% by 2020. iMobility promotes resource-efficient and clean mobility ICT systems in transport.

The Ceremony will take place in The Hague, the Netherlands, on 11 September 2013.


About Greater Than

Greater Than is a Belgian/Swedish based company that specialises in IT solutions to help road transport become more sustainable and safer. Greater Than has developed an algorithm that measures driver fuel efficiency, a measurement of smart driving, independently of vehicle type, total fuel consumption, traffic and other external factors. The Enerfy platform is open for every driver to participate, to meet and compete in smart driving. Smart driving gamified – a pleasure to make cost savings.


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