European Voice reports today about misleading car fuel efficiency testing. 

The report by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) finds that the testing methods used by automakers to determine fuel efficiency for consumer labelling, which have already been found not to mirror real-life driving conditions, are actually becoming more misleading over time, as automakers find new ways to skew the system in their favour. The gap between official fuel-economy figures and the real world has reached 25%, the report concludes, causing motorists to spend an average of €300 per year more on fuel than they are being led to believe by labelling.

If tests are skewed or not we cant tell but the gap is evident. Car manufacturers makes situation worse by providing such poor information in how to operate and drive their vehicles. Current old school technology provides information on driver behavior but have no clue nor correlation to the effect of such a behaviour. With todays knowledge of EcoDriving, such information does not add to smart driving, on the contrary, a good driver becomes less energy efficient. 

Greater Than, has launched a cloud solution that provides information on how smart you drive a car, independent of car type, traffic or total fuel consumption. This is a true cause and effect analysis that helps driver reduce fuel costs by 20-25% in real driving conditions. Enerfy is the solution of tomorrow as the score provided got a real and concrete value and is always comparable, regardless of external circumstances.



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