What you measure you can manage and it is with great pleasure, reading the ICCT report on barriers in the road freight industry to improve energy efficiency. Most road freight transport providers are taking actions such as measuring driver behavior, fuel consumption and training, to improve fuel performance. These actions has improved fuel efficiency but as technology allows, it is now possible to measure energy smart driving. As the industry is reluctant to adopt new technology , is it a breakthrough to learn that 78% of the European hauliers are planning to implement driver fuel efficiency as the KPI to measure how energy efficient their vehicles are being driven.

It is proven, measure driver fuel efficiency and you get more km´s out of the liter but most importantly, the drivers enjoy it. As driver fuel efficiency is comparable, independently of vehicle type, gross fuel consumption, traffic or any other external factors, driver across the world meet, compete and care on the same common platform. It has never been more fun to save the planet! 

Wish you all a Happy New Year!


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