European Commission proposes CO2 targets for new passenger cars and vans

Brussels, 12 July 2012: Greater Than welcomes the European Commission proposals to implement emission targets for new cars and vans by 2020.

The European Commission points to the tremendous benefits of the proposed targets of 95 grams of CO2/km for the average new passenger car and 147 grams/km for vans by 2020.

“While we welcome the targets proposed by the Commission, savings in fuel costs and emissions can already be achieved with cars that are right now on the streets. Greater Than delivers 15-25 per cent of fuel savings with its fuel efficiency products regardless of the vehicle type, or any other external factors”, says Sten Forseke, founder and CEO of Greater Than.

The proposals will contribute to the European Union targets of 20 per cent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions before 2020. Given that cars and vans together account for around 15 per cent of EU CO2 emissions, the EU’s goals in decarbonising the transport sector can only be achieved if measures to improve vehicle performance are combined with measures to improve operational performance. In this context, Greater Than has developed Enerfy, which is based on a unique algorithm that measures how energy smart a car is driven regardless of fuel consumption, vehicle type, traffic, terrain, weather or other external factors. As it is now possible to measure driver fuel efficiency, the benefits of EcoDriving training efforts can at last be harvested.

In addition to the environmental and financial benefits, the European Commission correctly points to the innovation stimulated by the proposed fuel efficiency targets and the competitiveness of Europe’s automotive industry. “Europe is considered a global technology leader, but to remain in the driving seat on fuel efficiency also means to move away from monitoring driver behaviour and to embrace latest insights into monitoring driver fuel efficiency as demonstrated by the success of Enerfy”, added  Sten.

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