Drivers contributing to lower CO2 pollution through professionalized driving

The 4th generation Telematics – think and teach like a driver trainer and makes you drive 15-20% more energy efficient!
Based on substantial research Greater Than has developed the 4th generation telematics – LeanHaulage™. Thanks to a unique combination of new software technologies, fuzzy logic and A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) to mention a few, LeanHaulage™ thinks like a human driver trainer which leads to a 15-20% more energy efficient driving.

– 4g Knowledge – knows with how many % each driver can improve on fuel consumption.
It also understands why there is a room for improvement and how to achieve it.

– 4g Benchmark – compares actual performance to a real and achievable level. The Good Practice profiles are made by other real driver’s.
You are benchmarked to a reality that is fair and valid to your working conditions, since each and every profile is made by other real drivers´ performance. Currently there are more than 19 million Good Practice profiles, suitable to more than 99,9996% of the combination of different conditions such as, routes, traffic, vehicles, jobs etc.

– 4g Software – think and teach like the best trainer and each driver profile gets a unique “DNA”.
Every second of driving is processed and analysed in order to determine a driver profile. Through a combination of new software technologies, each profile gets a unique “DNA”. Valid information about the driver´s real performance, how much he/she can influence fuel consumption and more importantly, how to achieve it.

– 4g Process – an easy to understand and interactive weekly task list is automatically provided to both driver and supervisor, ensuring job gets done.
Drivers simply view their tips for 5 minutes a week and local management get a weekly task list with a click and do functionality, explaining exactly what activities that needs to be done.

The chain isn’t stronger than the weakest link – therefore, the LeanHaulage™ unique software, is designed to learn and take advantage of the knowledge and lessons learned from the combination of all four aspects above, in order to continuously develop and improve the product to further enhance customer value.


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