Means and ends

Everybody is talking about fuel reductions and CO2 improvement in road transport. Many people from inside or outside the industry has their own view on fuel efficiency. Too many thoughts and too many views but too few facts are a good summary of the so hot topic. Firstly, one must set a target and find a tools and methodology to fit target. Today, most commonly, managers seek tools and fit their target to what the tool possibly can deliver. This is completely wrong and goes against experience gained in manufacturing and research made on successful target driven corporations. If you don’t dare to set a target higher than what is easily achievable you will not drive change or development of methods. A higher than “a safe way target” is fundamental to drive and achieve fuel reductions beyond the “3%” that all fleet managers think is achievable. I have the pleasure to say that a 3% fuel saving do not require any systems support – you can talk it down! Just by focusing and talking about how to drive and behave, you will anyone can reduce the fuel bill by 3%. But, to set a target around 15% takes leadership, confidence and persistence. Unfortunate, too few people possess these assets but everybody can be trained to it. So therefore, I change to prevailing view on fuel consumption and how to get drivers to improve on it MUST BE TOP DOWN DRIVEN! Directors of transport businesses must take the leadership and show the direction on where to go… Set a target and let the organization find ways to achieve it. It is so simple but still hard for managers to understand the power of a target oriented organization. Set a target, show leadership, trust your drivers and you will see a nice change to your transport business….



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